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I have been solving customer's issues for years and my rates have stayed the same. Most companies charge for every little thing they check on your computer and may push you to buy a new computer. This results in an exorbitant fee you didn't see coming. It doesn't have to be this way. Let me fix your issues for a very reasonable price and if I can't provide any solution, I won't charge you.


Hardware and Software Remediation, Consulting and more...



I'll fix your hardware and software issues and also consult on what are best practices for using and extending the life of your computer.


The best defense against malicous code (spyware, viruses, etc) is YOU! I can give you the most secure computer in the world. However, if your use of the computer circumvents the built-in security, then your computer will be open to attacks.

Contact me @ 240-401-2882 (Serving Howard, Montgomery, and Prince Georges Counties of Maryland.